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With ice out at the end of March, April and May start out the Lake Michigan fishing season. During the early season we have a 24' boat to fish both walleyes and Brown Trout on either side of the peninsula. During the first few months of the season both sides offer excellent fishing for Browns and the Bay also offers excellent trophy walleye action. We troll the warming shoreline (35-45 degrees) in search of the thrilling German Brown Trout and tasty Walleye. The Door county shoreline provides tremendous near shore fishing and has produced a number of record size fish. The Brown is an excellent fighter with a reputation of being a relentless jumper, sizzling off line and blasting out of the water repeatedly in an attempt to shake the hooks. The Walleyes are just plain BIG! Fish up to 30" are not uncommon and the occasional Northern Pike grow to incredible sizes of over 20 pounds.

By mid June both of our 30' charter boats will be operating out of Baileys Harbor. Early in June as the lake begins to warm up, the cold surface water located offshore offers fantastic Steelhead fishing. At this time our offshore trips take us as far out as 25 miles to locate these spectacular acrobats. Their trademark is an explosive heart stopping attack immediately followed by them rocketing out of the water with several impressive aerial displays. It's not uncommon for one to jump a half dozen times or more. These fish average between 5 lbs. and 15 lbs. but can reach weights of over 20 pounds. They are also excellent to eat.

At the end of June the King Salmon begin to arrive in our waters. The King or Chinook is a power house of a fish. They range in weight from one or two pounds to 30 lbs. plus. A 20 pound king with it's astounding power will be a handful for even the most experienced of fisherman. They typically take long hard drag squealing runs of 150 yards or more. At times all you can do is hang on. It's truly a thrilling experience. For the remainder of the Lake Michigan season (through September) we catch a mixed bag of Chinook, Steelhead, Browns, and the occasional Lake Trout.

By mid September, when the fall walleye fishing heats up, we will again focus our attention on fishing the Green Bay side. Night trips have been exceptionally productive and limits of very large Walleyes are not uncommon. The Walleye fishing will run through October and into early November. If this year is anything like last year it's going to be an amazing summer. Trophy Kings, dynamite Steelhead, whopper Walleyes, monster Northerns and exciting Browns make fishing Baileys Harbor and surrounding waters a truly unforgettable experience.

From November to January the fishing will be done until the Bay freezes over. Usually by mid to late January the ice is thick enough for safe fishing. We have several heated ice shacks and all the tackle needed for a successful outing. Brown Trout, Northern Pike, Walleyes, Perch, and the exciting White Fish are all abundant. If you haven't ever ice fished before you really need to try it! Guided ice fishing trips with grilled lunches are available. Call for more details.

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