During this time of social distancing we are evolving with the times. Lakeshore Adventures is committed to your safety and confidence in booking with us. We are cleaning all of our fishing boats, kayaks, paddles and all zipline gear after every use, wiping everything down and taking extra effort to keep things clean and safe throughout your experience with us. We are offering private tours and transportation for your convenience and to accommodate social distancing. We all know that getting outside on tours and experiences like ours at Lakeshore Adventures is the best way to keep active and we plan on keeping you safe during these adventures!

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The standard trip is 5 hours dock to dock. A private 5 hour charter is $800 plus tax. At this price you can have as many as 6 people in your group. On a private charter only your group, the captain, and the first mate will be on board.

Private Trips Up To Six People
• Private 3 hour trip $625
Private 5 hour trip $800
• Private 8 hour trip $1175

5.5% sales tax will be added to all prices.

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Deposits can be mailed to:

First Choice Charters
7510 Apple Lane
Baileys Harbor, WI 54202

Reservations must be made by telephone and can be held with either a mailed deposit of 50% or credit card deposit, upon which time a confirmation letter will be sent verifying date and time of your trip. All deposits are nonrefundable within one week of the reservation. If weather keeps us from going and rescheduling is not an option your money will be refunded in full.

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